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Some scary shark cage dive

by <a href='' class='captionLink'>Marjon Daemen</a>
by Marjon Daemen

Sharks have never been my favourite animal. I never really felt the urge to meet them, let alone to see them up close in their own habitat.

However, during my stay in South Africa I met a girl who was totally into sharks. Naomi was Australian and absolutely detested the shark culling occurring every year in Western Australia. She thought these majestic creatures ought to be left alone in their natural habitat.

Naomi's passion for sharks was incredibly contagious to the point that I, like every normal human being not a shark lover whatsoever, agreed to go on a shark cage diving trip. It sounded like a pretty stupid idea but Naomi totally talked me in to it. So, there I was, stepping onto a boat, knees trembling. I had rarely been that nervous for anything.

The captain told us we might not see any sharks as they don't always come up to the bait. After waiting for an hour, finally we spotted one! We jumped into our wetsuits and into the cage. And there it was, a freaking shark encounter!

The water was ice cold but we were in luck, two big whites showed up and performed an incredible show for us! It was totally worth the wait. Seeing these giants up close was incredibly impressive. Their thousands of teeth right in front of your face, scary scenes but so exciting. I would recommend it to anyone who likes to experience new unique things, this definitely was a unique experience!

Afterwards on shore again I even bought a sweater from the souvenir shop so I could show how proud of myself I was, 'swimming' with sharks. They will never be my favourite animals but I've now come to appreciate them a little more.

by Marjon Daemen
by Marjon Daemen