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8 reasons why travel is good for us

peace of mind

Vacations definitely make me happier. They offer a short break from everyday life, a change of scenery, another culture to explore, … Going on holiday doesn't only have a positive effect on your mood but also has positive effects on our health and life in general. So, taking a well-deserved vacation once in a while is a must!

Here are 8 reasons why travel is good for us

Vacations improve our health and well-being

  • A break from everyday life
    You can just leave your worries at home and focus on the stuff you want see and do on your holiday. Having a breather and being in a no stress environment will lift your spirits again. When you get back home you’ll be able to take it all on again.
vacation fun
  • Much needed vitamin D
    Living in Belgium I don’t get a lot of sun, so every year it’s the same old song when I get my blood test results: vitamin D deficit. I then have to take pills to get back to a healthy standard. So, going on a sunny holiday would absolutely benefit people like me. Getting out into the sun not only has a positive effect on your mood but also on your health. And getting a natural tan of course is way prettier than hassling with fake tan products.
  • Improve your fitness
    When you have loads of free time, as you do on holiday, you will more likely get out and about and move. Seeing all the sights will no doubt get you in shape. Also a dip in your hotel’s swimming pool or a nice hike or bicycle ride will improve your fitness.

Vacations are inspiring and widen your worldview

  • Get to know different cultures
    Engaging with the locals broadens your view on the world, makes you understand other peoples’ customs and habits more and be more tolerant towards them.
  • Discover great new foods
    For foodies going on holiday heavenly. They can try new food all day, one authentic dish after the other, and later they can try to cook their favourite dishes at home and introduce others to these local delicacies.
  • A change of pace and scenery
    On holiday you will get inspired by your new environment, maybe you’ll get even some creative ideas out of it. A change of scenery and a change of pace will do you nothing but good!

Vacations make for better relationships and a life without regrets

  • Your relationships grow stronger
    Going on holiday with friends or family most definitely will strengthen your relationship. You get to spend full days doing fun and exciting things together. This sharing of experiences develops closer bonds with your travel companions. Back home you can reminisce about the good times you had, and once in a while look at your awesome travel pictures together. Travel memories are the best memories!
  • Fewer Regrets
    When my grandparents started to get loads of ailments and weren’t able to travel anymore, they told me they regretted not spending more time abroad, getting to see the world. This is a reminder that you don’t ever want to put off traveling until it’s to late. So, take regular holidays and go see the world so you don’t have to regret anything later on!